Hawaii Update and Lessons

*The text below comes directly from this YouTube video

Aloha friends! I’ve been meaning to make this for so long, but it’s finally the right time to do it. By the way, I’ve never felt more at home in my entire life.

During the past five months of living in Hawaii I have: moved a few times, settled into my new home, had a huge birthday trip, and been doing so much personal growth! BUT, let me just tell you that it hasn’t been paradise the whole time. There’s a lot of healing, a lot of growth, a lot of shadow work. It’s also not easy to go through a large transformation, like… moving to a new country across the Pacific Ocean. To be honest it sounds a lot scarier than it is, but it’s just a reminder that transformation is not necessarily linear. I’ve definitely had those moments where I’m thinking “trouble in paradise,” but the good news is that I’ve honored each part of my journey since moving here and now I’m in such a good place. I’m actually in a place that I didn’t even know I could get to.

Lesson #1
One of the biggest lessons that I’ve gained since my move was taught to me by a man named Arash. He has a very unique story and is one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever crossed paths with. One late night on the beach, I was explaining to him that I did not like the concept of being the “best” version of yourself. I feel that it is too hard to measure what the “best” version of yourself is. A very, very important part of creating goals is to make them measurable. I reframed that concept and found it healthier to strive to be the most “authentic” version of myself. I wrote out a list of qualities that I feel the most “authentic Arielle” would have. To provide an example, one of my qualities is: I will treat myself and others with compassion. Every night before bed, I will I will ask “did I treat myself and others with compassion?” and add the other qualities I chose as well.

Arash heard me say all of this and he gave me such an interesting concept that I will take with me forever. He told me that we’re conditioned to think that we’re always evolving into these other/new versions of ourselves. That we have to transform into the person that we want to be. BUT, his concept is that we are already who we want to be, at our core. Through programming, conditioning, trauma, and experiences, we’ve created multiple layers of ego to protect ourselves from feeling those feelings again or experiencing certain things again. When you’re doing shadow work and you’re becoming a “different version of yourself,” you’re actually not! You’re shedding off layers of ego. The more work you do, the more layers that you shed off because you’re healing old wounds, hurts, conditioning, and programming. You’re shedding them all and you’re becoming lighter and lighter. So, you’re not changing into another version; you’re actually just becoming more of who you are! You’re remembering who you are because you are already that person at the core. What a beautiful concept is that? We don’t have to change ourselves; we are already these people underneath. We just have to shed those layers. It’s really changed my entire perspective on how I approach clients, how I approach friends, everything.

Lesson #2
Another lesson that I’ve learned here was from an old roommate of mine, Rachel. She taught me to always be intentional, especially with words that you’re saying. Instead of saying I “should” do this it’s more intentional to say, I “want” or I “get” to do this. Be more intentional with your words because when you’re speaking these words, you’re speaking them into existence. Rachel blew my mind when she said “Words are so intentional. You have to really focus on the words that you’re speaking into the into the Universe. You spell things. Words are actually like magical spells.” You are responsible for the energy that you’re putting out into the world. If you’re more intentional with your words, that controls the vibrations you’re putting out. This determines the vibrations that you tend to receive as well (law of attraction).

Looking back on old videos that I’ve made before my move, everything’s different now. My aura, my style, my attitude, and my outlook on everything. It’s all in such a beautiful way! But, as I previously mentioned, I didn’t get here by just moving to Hawaii. Absolutely not. I’ve put tons and tons of work into it. I’ve had beautiful people surrounding me with the utmost beautiful frequencies. I’m so blessed to be in a community where I’m constantly having these higher conversations with people, expanding my mindset, and just growing.

If you’re still reading this, thank you so much (mahalo). You’re so appreciated.